In view of the recent social trends, we have decided to refrain from giving gifts such as New Year's cards, summer greeting cards, and mid-year gifts and end-year gifts.
Therefore, we would like to ask all of you for your kindness to us.
We will continue to work sincerely and strive to meet the expectations of all of you, and we ask for your continued patronage.

Company Info

Daiichikosho Music Publishing, Inc.

Gotenyama Building, 6-5-27, Kitashinagawa,
Shinagawa-Ku, Tokyo, Japan

CEO Yasuhito Watanabe



CEO Yasuhito Watanabe

We, Daiichikosho Music Publishing, promote music through "karaoke", which is very much familiarized in people's lives.

As the way to enjoy music is getting diverse, karaoke is, all in all, for men and women, young and old alike from any places as a medium for the promotion of the culture of music. It is a very attractive communication tool indeed.

We would love to contribute to the development of the music industry as much as we can so as to leave an expressive masterpiece that is loved by all.

Company History

  • 1985.9.30
    Establishment of DK Music Publishing, Inc.
  • 1989.8
    Started managing songs as an JASRAC associate member
  • 1997.1
    JASRAC official member
  • 1997.11
    Music Publishers Association of Japan official member
  • 2011.12
    Establishment of Daiichi (1st) Business Division
  • 2014.3.1
    Change of company name from “DK Music Publishing, Inc.” to “Daiichikosho Music Publishing, Inc.”
  • 2014.9
    Establishment of Daini (2nd) Business Division
  • 2017.1.5
    Headquarters moved to Gotenyama Building
  • 2018.6.15
    Inauguration of our CEO Mr. Yasuhito Watanabe as the director of Music Publishers Association of Japan
  • 2019.8
    Establishment of Daisan (3rd) Business Division

Our Service

  • Management of music copyrights

    We perform management work such as notification to copyright management companies of music, collection/receipt, and redistribution of royalties.

  • Utilization development of works

    Starting with Daiichikosho's commercial online karaoke, we do song promote.

  • Master creation

    We create masters that maximizes potential of the lyrics, melody, and charm of the artist and promote them to the public.